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Tepi Sawah Spa

Pamper yourself in the privacy natural and traditional spa to rejuvenate your body and soul. Spa at Tepi Sawah Villas is using local herbs and spices, and grown flowers, combined with Balinese message techniques that have been handed down through generations to create unique therapies for the exclusive pleasure of the guests.


Balinese Massage
This traditional healing and relaxing massage has been handed down through generations. The technique of long strokes, completed with feet acupressure points, renews and strengthens the body. The oil that we use is rich with traditional herbs and spices to ensure your massage with us will be truly revitalizing, peaceful and luxurious.

Balinese massage 30 minutes: USD 20.00

Balinese massage 60 minutes: USD 30.00.

Balinese massage 90 minutes: USD 40.00
Aroma Therapy Massage
For all of senses, unwind with a choice of aromatic essential oil of plan and flowers, with a rhythmic light stroke with the movement to the lymphatic area massage, for energy balancing line, stimulate the mind and clean out the body.

Aroma therapy massage 60 minutes: USD 30.00
Reflex Massage
The specialized foot and hand massage assists in relief or stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy or "Chi" that constantly flows through channels or zones. These channels unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands (and which are related to the nervous system). It is believed to restore blood circulation and nerve supply to its natural state of equilibrium.

Reflex massage 60 menit: USD 30.00
Foot Massage
Beginning with a footbath followed by deep massage to the feet, with long stroke movements to relax and restore blood circulation. An excellent rejuvenation therapy after hiking and shopping in Ubud.

Foot massage 30 minutes: USD 15.00



Lulur Ayu
This is a favorite one of our customers – the body treatment that really makes you feel like royalty. Our Lulur Ayu is based on a Javanese ritual that is ultimate in pampering. First enjoy a relaxing Balinese Massage, followed by herbal skin scrub, to remove dead skin cells and to smooth and soften your skin. Following the Javanese polish, indulge in a yogurt splash. Then relax by soaking in flower and ylang-ylang petal bath. Finish with a refreshing lotion and a jamu (herbal traditional drink) served to increase blood circulation.

Lulur ayu 120 minutes: USD 45.00
Milk Bath
First enjoy one hour traditional Balinese massage. Next refresh with traditional herbal glow (milk and yogurt) to create baby-soft skin. Followed by recycling in our lovely milk bath. Finish with a rosemary body lotion moisturizer.

Milk bath 105 minutes: USD 35.00
Aroma Therapy Bath
Beginning with Aroma Therapy Massage to reduce your tension and balance your body. Then pampered your self in a warm bath, with specially blended essential oil to soothe both the muscle and mind, producing gentle relaxation.

Aroma therapy bath 105 minutes: USD 35.00



Spice Scrub
Hand crushed rice is blended with traditional spices (turmeric, ginger, galangal, clove) to revitalize the skin, creating a healthy glow by gentle exfoliation. This process removes dead skin, and refreshes the body. These special blends of herbs help to warm your body and muscles by increasing blood circulation. This is followed by a traditional shower with naturally astringent rice spice wine (Temu Arak) splash. The treatment is completed with back, neck, and scalp massage using a special Balinese flower lotion.

Spice scrub 60 minutes: USD 25.00
Balinese Boreh
This centuries old recipe from the village using spices and roots (clove, ginger, galangal roots) that we more readily associate with curry. It is exfoliating ingredients soften the skin. The Boreh includes massage of the face, neck, and scalp. Then we nourish your skin with grained cucumber, and continue with a traditional shower of ylang-ylang essential oil. We finish with using refreshing body lotion to rejuvenate your skin. Traditionally, the whole Balinese family used the Boreh as a curative and preventive treatment. The Boreh is not recommended for pregnant women as the penetrative ingredients direct the heat away from the womb area to the body's extremities.

Balinese boreh 30 minutes: USD 30.00
Body Wrap – Clay Masque
Blends of earth-clay, essential oils and flowers to purify by the process of absorption draw impurities from the pores of the skin. The treatment includes a massage for face, neck and scalp. Earth minerals help the body naturally cleanse and nourish the skin. The clay is volcanic mountain earth blended with ylang-ylang flower water. Your body is wrapped in banana leaves and you finish with a warming shower and flower lotion.

Clay body 60 minutes: USD 25.00

Tropical 60 minutes: Fruits USD 30.00



Traditional Cream Bath
Begin with a deep conditioning scalp massage using candle nut oil to thicken and shine hair. To allow for deep penetration of the oil the hair is gently and traditionally steamed. Then enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to enhance relaxation. Finish with a natural hibiscus leaf extract-a secret known by Balinese woman to soften the hair. 

Traditional creambath 60 minutes: USD 25.00
Crème Conditioning Treatment
This treatment is a special tradition of the people of Java.  Begin with a stimulating shampoo, then a conditioning scalp massage with your choice of avocado, aloe Vera, seaweed or ginseng moisturizing hair crème. Warm steam is then applied to the hair and scalp while the neck and shoulders are massaged to reduce tension.

Creme conditioning treatment 60 minutes: USD 25.00
Oil Hair Treatment
This is the secret known by the Balinese woman for lustrous and healthy hair. Oil (traditional home-made oil) believed to strengthen, thicken, and darken the hair, this oil is infused with pendanus leaf, fenugreek seeds, sandalwood, and cinnamon used to stimulate blood circulation. This oil is massaged into the hair and scalp. A Balinese massage for the neck and shoulder enhances relaxation. The oil may be left on the hair three to four hours for deep conditioning before washing.

Oil hair tratment 60 minutes: USD 20.00



The purpose of the all our facial is to detoxify, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. We use botanical and essential oil for a deep aromatic cleansing

Facial Ayu (flower base) 60 minutes: USD 25.00
Facial Aloe Vera (Biokos) 60 minutes: USD 30.00
Facial Seaweed (Biokos) 60 minutes: USD 30.00

Traditional facial 60 minutes: USD 25.00

This holistic facial is based upon balancing elements of earth, air, fire and water with in the body. This refreshing facial is suitable for all skin types and uses essences of mountain botanical healing clay or flowers and fruit extract.


Our manicure and pedicure are complemented by clove spice reflex massage with lotion.
Manicure 45 minutes: USD 15.00
Pedicure 45 minutes: USD 20.00


Prices for Spa services are subject to change without notice and

Exclude tax & service, currently 21%. All prices are in US dollars.



Reservation should be made one day prior the required service, before at 16.00 o'clock

Express service is depended on the availability 

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